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Tips To Work Better Remotely

Gartner's recent survey of company leaders found that after the COVID-19, 80% of companies agreed to allow employees to work remotely part-time, and 47% of companies plan to allow employees to work from home full-time. PwC’s survey of 669 CEOs shows that 78% of them believe remote collaboration will exist for the foreseeable future.

Here are some tips related to various aspects of working remotely to help make your experience better.


Tips About Working Environment

Not all of us have a productive working environment at home. That is why it is crucial to equip yourself with tools that will help productivity. Here are some top tips that will help you create a productive working environment:

  1. Setting Up A Work Space

You must set up a specific workspace away from your comfort zone at home, such as a bed or sofa. Invest in a sturdy work desk, chair, and equipment for remote working. These include headsets and cameras for video conferencing.

Keep in mind to invest in noise-canceling headphones for a better experience. Besides that, the headphones must be wireless, so your hands are free.

  1. Communicate With Other People Living With You

Disturbances during work can hinder productivity. That is why you must communicate with your family or anyone else you live with to disturb you during work hours. It can be disruptive when you are writing something important, and suddenly your children barge in asking when you will get free.

Such instances may seem small, but they impact your thought process significantly. That is why a quiet environment is crucial for productivity.

  1. Organize Your Work Desk

Never underestimate the importance of creating a comfortable environment. Keep some flowers or small succulent plants on the table to add more life to your space. Besides that, you must organize the desk and move items that distract you, such as novels, snacks, or anything else unrelated to your work.


Tips About Self-Discipline And Persistence

It is not uncommon for people to fall out of routine when working remotely. That is why you must go to bed early, get up to eat breakfast on time, and enter the work area on time as if you are going to the office. You have to create a sense of routine for yourself.

For example, you can wash your face, put on makeup or shave, tidy up your desk, and change into comfortable and decent clothes. Doing this helps you get into work quickly. Believe me, when you get up lazily in your pajamas and move to the computer, your way of thinking, doing things, and considering the depth of the problem is different from that in the office.


Tips About Work-Life Balance

While working from home, many people feel that they are living in their home office. However, you can create a sense of balance that will allow you to curate some free time for yourself. To create this balance, you must always rest when you feel exhausted or sick.

Besides that, you must go out after work and not stay home all day. That can also include taking a short walk outside to regain a sense of balance. Many people are also in work mode even after working all day.

However, you must create a distinction and let go of work during your personal time. You can let go of work by indulging in things you like to do, such as drawing, painting, running, cooking, or anything else. Freelancers can also go on a trip after finishing projects to restore energy.

Tips About Reducing Loneliness

Working alone from home can become lonely. When you feel that way, you can always listen to relaxing music to calm your mind. Besides that, you can call or chat with friends and relatives.

Even if you like to kill time on your own, you will feel lonely working at home alone. To solve this problem, you can try to contact your friends regularly and chat more, whether video or voice or direct phone calls. Finally, you must not feel guilty about spending time for social interaction when working at home.

After all, we spend at least half an hour in the office talking to other people. The relationship needs to be maintained, and regular calls will strengthen the relationship with friends and family. It will give you something to look forward to.


Tips About Efficient Skills

If you want to enhance productivity, you must improve efficiency. Here are some ways you can do that:

  1. Make A Daily "To-Do List"

Clarify your daily tasks and goals with a "to-do list." List it in order of priority: essential and urgent matters go on the top, followed by unimportant but urgent, and finally important not urgent. After that, you must review and summarize the daily work.

At the end of the day, make a list of the next day's work schedule. You can set memos or alarms to remember important things. Finally, you must make reasonable use of online office tools to improve efficiency.

  1. Staying Focused

Our attention span is not great all the time. That is why a half-hour break at noon can significantly improve the work efficiency in the afternoon. You can also tell your colleagues or friends, and family what you want to accomplish today to stay more focused on completing tasks.

Besides that, you must also have paper and pen at hand while working. Once you have other ideas unrelated to the content you are doing, but you think are important, note them down and do it after the task is complete. To stay focused on complicated tasks, it is always best to call or video conference with the other party for better communication and problem-solving.

Finally, if you have a team project, the business response time must be clarified. That is because when you require something urgently, and the other person doesn't respond, there will be anxiety among the team. That is why an assumed response time must always be added at the end, such as “this matter is expected to be over again at 3 pm.”

  1. Try The Pomodoro Technique

The basic principle of the Pomodoro Technique is to focus on one thing at the highest intensity for 25 minutes (you can change the time interval according to your actual situation) and then let yourself relax for 5 minutes. Proper rest can give you a chance to take a breather, and you can also do some exercises to stretch your muscles and bones to work more attentively.

  1. Keep Communicating With Colleagues

You must keep communicating with colleagues to enhance collaboration. Not communicating or staying alone can isolate you. On the other hand, talking about work and current office situations can help you regain a sense of belonging to the office many people lose while working remotely.

  1. Avoid Looking At The Phone Frequently

Nowadays, information dissemination is very fragmented, with a news message ringing on the mobile phone almost every few minutes. But paying too much attention to the news will also significantly affect work efficiency. You can’t shut yourself off from social media and other news, but you must restrain yourself from looking at it too frequently.


  1. General Efficiency

Here are some top tips to improve your general efficiency:

  • Deal with household chores after finishing work
  • Do your most challenging tasks when you are most efficient
  • Adjust your state through meditation and breathing

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