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Our Story

There are already many headphones on the market, why do we have to make our own headphones? Here is the story!

Need a new headphone

Last year, because of the COVID 19, my family and I were forced to work from home. We had video conferences time to time. But the noisy surrounding made me really embarrassing sometimes. I was also easily distracted by the noise or activities of my families.
I had a old wireless headphone, but it did not have the noise reduction function, and the microphone quality is not good enough for video conferrences. So I decided to get a new one but needs to support noise reduction function.


After 2-days comparing on online stores, I found that the price of branded ANC headphones are very high. I did not want to spend too much on the headphone.
Then I asked my friends for advice on Wechat. But I did not get the happy answer.
Some friends complained the call quality was not very good, some headphones could not work well with video conferencing software, some friends were not happy with the comfort, and some did not have noise-cancelling function...

Plan Begins

I found it's difficult to get a noise-canceling headset that can meet my requirements and is at a reasonable price. Many of my friends around me also face this problem. This gave me inspiration, maybe I can use my own resources to provide a satisfactory noise-canceling headphones.
So I contacted my friends Joyee, who has more than 8 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry. And brought Jason into the group. Jason is a Senior Technical Engineer of Electronic Products.
We spent about 10 months integrating resources, testing and researching nearly 100 different headsets, and working with the technical team to continuously modify and debug, and finally the 1st version Y77 was born.


We spent another two months to upgrade the product and adjust the sound quality.
Now the 2nd version Y77 is not only suitable for office video conferencing, but also has a great bass, which can also meet everyone's usual needs for listening to music.

The Y77

We are not selling expensive because our original intention is to offer premium ANC headphone without spending too much money.
What's more, we have reached an in-depth cooperative relationship with the factory, so we have their strong supply chain support.
In addition, we did not find stars to advertise, no need to pay sky-high advertising fees.

Be a warm company

We hope to be a warm company. Every time we sell a pair of headphone, $1 wil be donated to the charity partners including ADDA.


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